Edible Art for Every Occassion.

About Us

Our Story

Glynis started baking and designing cakes for her son's 1st birthday - a Curious George cake. Using her sculpture degree and art history background, Glynis continued to push the limits of her cakes. Not only in size but in detail and subject matter. And, when her children could start asking for a specific cake, all the boundaries of a simple, home-baked cake were broken.

It has turned into a labor of love. A way to express herself through her art. A way to make people happy and enjoy something special.

She recently decided, after much pressure and pleading from friends and family, it was time to let others experience her cakes and explore unique, one-of-a-kind edible creations with all of Manhattan. 

The Process

Glynis defines her cakes as edible art. Each cake starts with an idea - either a party theme, specific branding need or just an upcoming holiday. After the idea has been formed, Glynis researches the topic, pulls inspiration like an interior designer would do so to create the perfect atmosphere for a home, and then sketches out a life-size image of your cake. Each cake is personal and not one cake is ever the same - like a painted masterpiece.